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24 March 2013


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Starting today, I promise to myself to fix my life for the sake of ALLAH!

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14 March 2013

I don't read novels!

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'Do you read novels?'


Sometimes I get this question when people here me talking. It's a wonder to them I guess; hearing love advises from a person who has NO experience whatsoever of being married/a couple. I am a bad listener (and a bad storyteller too!), making people repeat themselves just to understand simple matters with not-so-complicated timeline.

Well, the answer is (obviously) the same as the title for this post. I don't. I simply didn't like the 'jiwang-jiwang' sentences with all the 'bahasa lenggok-lenggok'. It's repulsive (to me)! Very nauseating. -_-

So if this kind of thing puts me off, what the heck do I blabber to people when they ask for my point of view? To put it in one word; 'REASONING'. The question from me will always be 'WHY?'. Understanding and relating people actions with their intentions, based solely on perception of others around me. If your statement and action contradicts, then I will overwhelm you like bullet spewing machine-gun firing 500 rounds of questions per minute. Only after you have sincerely told me the truth I can make my decision. This is where 'ACCEPTANCE' enters the fray. I don't think I'm even using the word 'fray' right. Crap.

Summing up my advice; ask the question why, understand the reasoning behind every actions, then acceptance will come to you. Calmness will follow suit.

P/s: No wonder I wrote blogs, this kind of wording will put people to sleep if I spew it in their face. -_-