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29 August 2011

A "Happy Aidilfitri" Wish (Whoosh!) and a Lil' News.

In 3 characters 

Happy Aidilfitri to all Muslims, especially to my blog readers (if there's any).

To whom who may read this, I sincerely ask for your forgiveness if I've offended you in any way in the space-time continuum that you've come to, or not, know me.

p/s : I'm out for the whole week and I turned off my Celcom line. So if you've got anything for me kindly foward it to my Maxis number. You're most welcome for your action.

p/s 2 : Since it's almost September, I'll be posting back regularly like in the earlier months. I've just had a great get-together with my former classmates from sekolah rendah yesterday! I'll post an update once I've been tagged on Facebook for the pictures. It's great you know, since some of them I've last met from NINE (9) YEARS AGO!!!


Nurfazilah Cipa said...

slmt ari rye amir:)

Ikazrima said...

Selamat hari raya gak cik cipa :D