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02 July 2011

July 2nd

In 3 characters 
Alhamdulillah just like 3 years ago, the best of gifts I received is in the form of education. I'll just let this day pass by, without even hoping for a wish from anyone; only from those who truly remembered. Even if it only crossed your mind for a fraction of time, I truly thank you :)

Fun fact from Wikipedia : July 2nd is actually the midpoint of the year, being the 183th day, barring leap years. On the 2nd of July at 12.00 PM, 182 days and 12 hours would have passed for the year, and only 182 days and 12 hours left for the year. Strange that some country have their midyear school break around May/June, with Malaysia being one of them. The more you know.

For this day only, this equation will be true:-

2 / 7 = 21 (√)

And now I can't wait till the 31st of August and see how many will be fooled. 

It's the thought that counts, right?

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