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22 May 2011

XNA Game Development

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So yesterday I've started my venture on game dev. using Microsoft XNA framework, 'speaking' in the C# lang. And I've only one thing on my mind to say, DANGFREAKIN'NAMMIT!!! Lol no no no, I'm not turning hulk and RAGEEEEEE!!!!-ing for no apparent reason. It's just that I'm mad at myself for not learning and venturing into it sooner, rather than later.

As I've told some of my friend IRL, the purpose I study in comp.sci. is for me to learn game development, primarily if possible, in C++ and DirectX. Yup, so I did learn a little bit of C++ and more on JAVA. But one thing doesn't suit me, as later I found out, they teach those languages more for the use in SYSTEM development. And I'm NOT saying what I've learned was garbage, no, very far from that. It's just that I'm more interested in the creative aspect of programming, something that I can show my (un)creativity. For years I've thirst for this type of knowledge, and I'm talking 15+ years, reading books that its contents doesn't seem to stay very long in my brain.

Most of the problems that got me stuck from doing any sort of game development in pure self-programming, gone with the magic that is XNA. I've looked and tried to follow many tutorials on the Net about C++ graphics drawing, even a single line to me would be suffice. But f*ck, every time I tried I'm always stuck in this one particular stuff, handling graphic buffers and updating the graphic canvas for every frame so that it won't get wiped when another image is drawn on top of it. And I couldn't even get to write a program that reads keyboard input damnit! But with XNA as this bullsh1t disappeared in like, 3 hours only. As of now I've managed to draw multiple layered images, get keyboard AND XBOX360 CONTROLLER input to move an object on the screen. Pfft, I've even manage to snuck in TOUCH input.

Now this post almost turn into a rant, and I doubt anyone would like to 'hear' me ranting. All I'm saying is, XNA is like a GODSEND to me. Microsoft has been very helpful in posting many easy-to-follow tutorials, that covers many aspect of game dev. XNA is VERY EASY to learn, and I doubt it will be difficult to master. Now if only I didn't suck in drawing art assets for my game, anyone feels like contributing their work to me? CONCEPT ARTIST NEEDED!!! Hahaha.

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