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14 May 2011

May, Friday the 13th

In 3 characters 
Turns out Blogger went down yesterday, just as I 'happened' to have some minor jabbering to do. And they took down posts posted on FRIDAY THE 13TH. Coincidence be damned, that's B-movie material right there. Some men-killing-monster shaite took down all blog posts by teenagers, and now they all wept their misery to their horrible death.

Jason Voorhees, the iconic(?) killer behind Friday The 13th movies
There's more to lucky number 13 than just some random killer, which WAS massacre, on a national level.

Yup, May 13th 1969. Malaysians who don't have a clue about this sacred date, take this opportunity to slap your damn ugly faces minimum 3 times just for a wake up call. Consider yourself the epitome of an uncaring citizen, who doesn't deserve to live in MY country.

Let us take this moment to remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in a harmony state as of today, and bear and the back of our mind of what would happen if any one of us tried to stir up racial tension in our country.

Let there be peace, not war.

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