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08 February 2011

System progress report 1

In 3 characters 
System name :
University Contract Management System
(Sistem Pengurusan Kontrak Universiti)

Stage : Alpha
Dev. tool : PowerBuilder v10.5
Database : Oracle 10g, SKEW
Overall completion : 70 %
Overall time taken (as of) : 3 weeks (1 week database design, 2 weeks+ PowerBuilder designing)

Done so far :
  • Database design
  • Datawindow retrieval, complete with user selected filters and sortings
  • Datawindows search function based on account id. and contract name
  • Buqs fixed in main window, related to highlighted row in datawindow retrieval when filters/sortings changed by user
  • Proper SQL update statements (foolproof checking for all fields) for table contract
  • SQL insert statements (not tested) for table contract
  • Optimized scripting using functions
  • Auto data retrieval in main window after each update
  • Form printing for single and multiple contract(s) information
  • Few other things that I forgot
To be done :
  •  SLEEP.
  •  Fix bug in asc./des. radio button not properly fetching sort function when clicked without having any filters initialized
  • Fix SQL insert statements for contract table not properly saved into the database even when reported succesful
  • Add SQL update/insert statement for table company
  • Add a few extra fields in table company for company details
  • Modify search function to search for partially matched strings (wildcards)
  • And fix some more bugs that are bound to be found during the user testing phase
  • COMPLETE the system around this or next week (so that I'll have plenty of time doing nothing before I switch department at the end of March. Err... no)
Screen caps comes later. Adios.

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