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16 February 2011

Sys. Progress Rep. 3 (Final)

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(Screenshots below)

*Notes - I won't really go on the overall details of what the actual may and may not do. I'll save for the actual presentation time. Till then infos/screens posted may have been changed as I see appropriate*

Overall progress : 99% (remaining 1% goes to unexpected bugs that may yet be encountered)
Stage : RTM (Ready to be manufactured) kah3 prasan giler
Total lines of code : 800+ line

Timeline :
  • Week 1 : (4th and 5th day) Oracle and TOAD learning
  • Week 2-3 : N/A
  • Week 4 : Powerbuilder introduction + learning how to use and navigate work area + datawindows learning
  • Week 5-6 : System design and programming (Powerbuilder script and SQL), some database table modification
  • Week 7 : Debugging session
Done :
  • This past two days (excluding yesterday, which was a public holiday), it was mostly have been a bug-ironing-out session. Couldn't do anything much last Monday as I unexpectedly caught a cold the day before.
  • Decided to remove status 'batal' from selection; with it being redundant as I've already wrote a delete function.
  • (Hopefully) added proper 'settransobject' and retrieve() statements where I deemed necessary, so that the system won't go nutty-nut and decide to go on a loop-de-loop till forever if message retrieved from response window didn't pass any value (i.e user decided to close a response window without selecting any data beforehand).
  • Re-configured all tab-orders
Canned :
  • Automatic e-mail notification
    A quick tour of the menu (in sequence). Posted screens may simplified the actual process :

    TCIS Login
    Main screen

    List of contracts

    Search contract information (wildcard search)

    Add new contract

    Edit selected contract

    List of related company

    Search for companies

    Add new company information

    Edit selected company information

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