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10 February 2011

Sys. Progress Rep. 2

In 3 characters 
Sys. Progress Rep. 1

Edit : I decided to postpone the screencaps promised before, wait for it around next week

Done :
  • Rewrite whole filtering function from scratch into a much more shorter and readable code
  • Various new datawindows with (many) different retrieval arguments (related to new filters below)
  • Added more filters (contract state, i.e due in more than 60 days, in 60 days, exceeds due date) *pretty colours! wheee~~!
  • Added tab for table company editing, then;
  • Separated windows for contract and company editing (before; same window, different tab pages) *note : having them in the same window can cause problems when passing/retrieving value for/from wildcard search
  • Disabled database table PK editing
  • Removed checkduplicate() from before update stament in tables edit windows
  • Wildcard search window now also links to main window (also available via editing window if query does not EXACTLY match, else display if available)
  • Search query now also available via company name and number (exact match and wildcards)
  • Bug fixed - system reports no transobject available IF no data in datawindow selected from search window when search window closed, loops and crashed at the attempt to terminate
  • Added fields for table company
To be done :
  • SLEEP (seriously haven't had a proper one this week)
  • Add insert function for both table company and contract (previous SQL INSERT statement trashed)
  • Add some proper printing forms
  • Add mail notification function for nearly/ending contract due date to responsible party(ies)
  • Fix that weird bug that I noticed just before leaving for home
p/s : bosan sebab klas silat kensel hari ni..sok ade ijazah, so diorang ready2

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