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09 February 2011

Hairy practical presentation

In 3 characters 
Allow me to say that  I love the pakgads at where I'm working now. Not THAT kind of love, but loving their way of doing their job. Mindin' their own business, DIRECTING traffic in the morning. The guys back at UiTM? God, those guys there are trying really hard to make an impression, tryin' ta beh dah big boyzz who just wants to fit in (bs if you tell me). Anywhoooooo, to the main point of this post....

This guy below here is the big Z, Zuckerberg of the FB. Look at him, that idiotic look, those crimson lips (seriously WTF?), that short curly hair......... I've decided that IT'S NOT how I'm going to look like during my practical presentation in May. Long have gone those days that I sport a hairstyle like this guy. Nuh uh. Not me bebeh.

Yeah girl you'd tap that wouldn't ya? What? No! I meant his cash!
To be an honest man of the day, I'm sporting this kind of hairstyle rite now in the pic below. It goes naturally every morning looking like that when I woke up and started being vain in front of the mirror, admiring my good looks. Lose the red in the hair and you'd pretty much gets what I look like.

ALSO minus the face and the body, I didn't say my birdy flew away
Well looking like that would be my last resort during the big day (which means that I woke up very late and just rushed to get there in time). Nah, that looks is to easy for me. Maybe I'll save up some money and go for another hair straightening session (rebonding, duh) and come out looking like this :

Emos schmos. Well, I do sport this style when I'm out with friends. Sometimes. When I can found my wax.
But hey, someone already mention that all my pics I already look like an emo without even trying. So what good is that huh? I don't like it easy peasy, gotta have some nasty ways of trying things you get what I'm saying? I'm not really into being called a goody-goody just because of my hair. So lastly I decide that HE'S GONNA LOOK LIKE ME. Yup, you read that right.

Blatantly plagiarised my look don't ya? Give me back my style!
And then I'm gonna terrorize the whole class looking for the strongest and beating the shit out of him. Just saying. And when he comes for me tell him that my goldfish died and I had to attend its funeral. At least I do have his expression, well it's a start.

Adios me amos.

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