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23 June 2010

In sane…

In 3 characters 

Read. Carefully. There is a SPACE between the words. It’s not a typo, the finger did not slipped.

Vague? I’m referring to being in sanity, not insanity (the title, not the article btw). Why, oh why did I choose to write about this? Because I feel like I’m losing mine. I’ve not been able to think straight for quite a few months now. Every deed done and words let out are giving out signs. I really am losing myself. I know the cause, but' it’s not so easily stopped. So easily infected, yet so hard to cure. Continuously missing a proper sleep is only making it worse. The state of weakness has left me opened for the devils’ seductions. The heart is changed yet again. I’ve been in the state of insanity longer than you could have possibly known.

And yet, there are times when sanity managed to take over this wretched mind of mine. But the price for regaining my consciousness is high; it’s pain. Agonizing in pain is the only time that I can actually think right. This is the time that I discovered most of the truth that lies out there. Should I be thankful? Of course I am. If it is not for it, then my judgment will only be in accordance to my lust.

Friends, pray that you will not become like me. Do not envy me, because I’m the one who should be envying you. Praise me not, because even I curse myself.


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