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25 May 2010

Amateur Developer’s Diary – Part 1

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Huh, another sleepless night. So what’s in store for today after long days of updating nothing on both blogs? Just thought that I’d share a little bit of my journey as an amateur game developer, from humble beginnings, to actually making nothing now. Wow, really interesting.

To those who do not possess the knowledge of what field I’m currently right in, be enlightened that I am studying the science of things that is computerized (ok sheesh, computer science/cs for short). How’s my journey been so far? Kind of horrible actually. The only one subject that I’ve taken deep interest in is writing and speaking in the lounge of the technology (programming, duh! I just don’t like giving out direct answers. Makes you think, eh? Probably not…). And by horrible I don’t mean in terms of pointers and grades (well they’re not that good, but you can do better), just in terms of as I’ve said before, interest. Talk about hardware and when you don’t give me the topic of ‘gaming’, then I’ll doze off. Talk about software and it’s not related to ‘gaming’, then I’ll pass. Talk about the evolution of the computer world and if it doesn’t affect ‘gaming’, then I’ll say ‘whut?’. So the summarization of why I chose this field can be brought down to only one reason. I have the utmost passion for gaming, and even greater in making my own.

Hey, we need a start don’t we?

image Gracillis V, one of the 8 games available for you play with to experience the awesomeness of the game creating tools that is Klik & Play

Back when I’m still a toddler (well, not that young), I used to spent days and nights creating games using Klik & Play (developed by yours truly, Click Team). Heck, I even created sequels for one of the game provided by the developer, Gracillis V (pictured above). Sadly though, I don’t even own the games that I make back then anymore. Those were the times when my father brought games and software for us, now it just didn’t happen anymore. Games? Waste of time and money. If only they knew how much we have learned from our long hours of gaming sessions… But it’s understandable how parents want to guarantee the future of their children. Now I’ve gained the knowledge of making money-is-not-an-object solution for my gaming needs. Hah, take that! Shucks, don’t tell no one.

* The software can be downloaded here, and optional files here with instructions for those who can’t run it *

image The event editor

Talking about the software itself, it is actually very much event based. You put objects and backgrounds in a drag-and-drop manner onto the screen, and then proceed to the event editor. In this section is where you set up all the events and the required condition for it to happen. All is done via an if-else condition (those who code should know what I’m talking about, this is why I’ve no problem at all understanding the basics of programming) As an exampla gracia (I thought that is what e.g stands for?), you let a ball falls onto the floor and then make it bounce off, maybe playing a sound as it hits and causing you to lose a life.

Oh how I’ve missed the hilarious games I made back then. In the sequel of Gracillis V (the first picture in this entry), I made it that a sinister and evil laugh played as the player dies and were brought to the ‘game over’ screen. Seeing the faces of my sisters as they played through the damn hard game and loses? Priceless. Talk about adding insult to injury.

My brother and I also hates it when my sisters constantly bugging us to play games as we are using the computer (who isn’t bugged out, especially when that game is Barbie?). So we pulled out a prank. My brother (who is more skilled in using the software), made a dummy of Windows 95 (yeah, very old) main screen. It only has a start button, and in it program files, which upon clicking brought out another menu (which the only menu made available) that says ‘Play Barbie’. And when you clicked it, pops up the picture and sound saying ‘Barbieeeeeee…’ in an irritated manner. How angry it made them, and how wide it made us grin. And it works several times too! Makes you wonder how a child perceive things, constantly being fooled for the same thing over and over again, just like that peek-a-boo game...

imageRomeo, another sample game

There’s also another prank that I like to pull off. Remember the infamous ‘It’s now safe to turn of the computer?’ screen? It will be displayed after you’ve selected shutdown in windows, and then there it is, a brown text in a black background dully displayed. And when you are presented with that screen, oh boy, there’s nothing else to do but turn your beloved computer off. Now, one of the brilliance of Klik & Play that I loved so much back then is the ability to modify the games already made available by the developer. Other than the dreaded Barbie, there’s another game that my sisters love to play called Romeo. The thing is, they won’t even move an inch from the seats unless it’s time for bed. So in order to prevent them from playing, I rigged the game so that it displays the infamous turn-off screen every time the play button is clicked. But so it seems, it worked too well. The computer have to endured countless turning-on-and-off sessions (what’s worst, it was done so in a forced manner). How my jaw dropped as I saw them constantly forced the computer to shutdown right in front of my eyes. Lessons learned, I just have to whine them off the seats to let me play the next time they won’t get off.

Klik & Play is actually the kick-start of my life-long ambition of making my own games one day. However, it wasn’t sufficient to fulfill my lust for creating complex and imaginative games. It has it’s limitations, that proves to big that prevents me unleashing my full creativity. I need to move to something bigger, or else this dream of mine won’t get nowhere. And that story is for another time, for this entry has taken Three hours of my time. And now it’s Six, and I have class at Eight. Dang, I guess I have to delay the date with my bed and pillow after class. Well, the call of prayer is waiting to be answered.

Ar-di-os, salam.

*Please ignore any grammar mistakes. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Try writing in the dead of night, then you’ll know.

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