Teh Proclamation.

Hati Waja. Tendangan Tanpa Bayang. Syahdan. Sompet. Nostalgia, nostalgia.

Teh Herd.

21 April 2010

Missing conexiones… A huge gap in my life.

In 3 characters 


Hm… where does a part of it goes?

Not all of our past are great for reminiscing… I for my self deliberately create a gap between those two lines at the bottom, and making a new one on top of both. Result? I’ve wiped my existence in the minds of those who knew me before. Effect? It. Freaking. Hurts. More than anything. Guess the acknowledgement of existence from others matter, huh?

Well, should I mend it? More importantly, can I?

Only time will tell… till’ then, I’m trudging through this world on my own… Farewell.

*Conexiones (Spanish) means connections

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