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20 April 2010

g0OGL3 tR@n5L4T0r i5 4w5OME! And leet speak is the worst…

In 3 characters 

Haha, just trolling with ya there. Anywho, just wanna share with you the ‘awesomeness’ of Google translator, which can be used to translate whole sentences or part of it, not to mention a whole page. Not saying my engrish is perfect, but I can do better.

Lets try translating sch-segamat.blogspot.com, or see for urself below (I don’t even have to show you the full posts, the headers and introductions are enough) :-

lol wut?What? When did we held a fight? Don’t even ask about that name translation…


lol wut?

Ok, so going degree is cheaper now? Seriously folks, there has been NO MASSACRE!


lol wut? 

We did not broadcast any sort of animated film that night.


lol wut? 

This is supposed to be the tentative for a wedding invitation. Biting? WE ARE NOT CANNIBALS!


lol wut?

Confirmed. There has been no culture shocks amongst students, UiTM PROMTES IT!


lol wut?

Folks at Google, kindly don’t look down upon us. How dare you call someone UNDERDEVELOPED!!?


And thats just a few. There are still many lols and wuts can be found. I’ve encountered a translation for ‘turun padang’ to be translated as ‘downloading’ before. Man, you’re the worst translator EVAH. You sir certainly can’t help me in cheap and cheat translation.

Well whatever, it’s 4 and I need to sleep. Salam.

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